Go where Londoners go

by Super User

Londoners regularly frequent other areas than tourists, so where do they go...

Of course, we all visit the same historic sites, museums, cinemas and entertainment areas of London as tourists do, but on a regular basis, we may spend more time closer to where we live or venture into less touristic and more local areas.

So, where are these areas? well my favourites just happen to be local, yes I am lucky I live in North Kensington, so I frequent the Portobello/Golborne Road area. Yes, I know, it can be rather touristy especially on a Saturday afternoon. I prefer earlier in the week or evenings to shop or go for a pint on Portobello Road, at weekends I'll go for a walk down Golborne Road with its brick 'a' brack, market stalls and coffee shops.

Venturing further afield, one of my favourite all time places is the Hammersmith riverside by the bridge. There are fantastic pub/restaurants, scenery which could be from the deep countryside far from the city and walks and cycling to help one get fit. One of my favourite rides is from Hammersmith bridge down to Richmond travelling past Kew gardens. I love the coast, and one would be hard pushed to find a more spectacular scenery than Swanage on the isle of purbeck, a 3 hour drive from London, or the magnificent and natural New forest which is only an hour and a half away.