Explore England’s historic and picturesque towns

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Most tourists visit London, time constraints might suit this and although London is a magnificent city, with smooch to do, we feel that fitting in a tour of Englands wonderful and picturesque traditional towns and of course countryside is a must in order to understand a little more about this amazing, diverse and beautiful country.

London will show you one angle of the United Kingdom. Travel a little further, and not necessarily very far and a slightly different environment awaits you. We call England, the 'green and pleasant land', with its small market towns and quaint villages, giving you a fuller picture of Britishness. Typical English villages such as Marlowe and Henley in middle England with the chocolate box high streets and famous traditions such as the Henley regatta to Dartmouth, once home to Britains Royal Navy and gateway to the empire to Bath, a magnificent Roman bath town, a world heritage centre with amazingly preserved roman building and of course the baths where the town gets its name from.

A visit to the country or coast will make your experience a fuller one, gaining a more in-depth understanding of our beautiful and fantastic island.