Three hour driven tour with a qualified London Taxi guide

When you book your tour with LondonBYtaxi, you can rest assured that we are fully licensed Taxi drivers and qualified licenced guides, so you can be confident with the quality of our service.

Our 3 hour guided tour will give you an excellent understanding of London's awesome history. From the arrival of the first Londoner's, the Romans to the modern day multi cultural city with our democratic government and our head of state monarch.

This tour takes you through 2000 years of history. Travelling through the original London 'Londinium' a Roman walled city, with its Tower of London, Londons first royal palace. Westminster, 'City to west', home to our monarchy for over a thousand years. Clerkenwell, the original suburbs of the city of London where 'city of londoners' would come to bath in the wells which operated in the hilly and airy countryside of the day and Southwark or 'south works' where the original factories for the city of London were originally located and home to london's oldest market, borough market.

Arguably one of the most historically interesting cities on the planet, London, with its iconic buildings and fascinating past is a delight to every sense we are graced with.